Marsupio ergonomico Little Frog - Sunny Labradorite - spedizione gratuita


Marsupio ergonomico regolabile Little Frog realizzato in fascia (wrap conversion)

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Marsupio ergonomico regolabile wrap conversion.

Leggero (pesa solo 650 gr) e regolabile, accompagna la crescita del tuo bimbo e ti permette di portarlo cuore a cuore (puoi scegliere se incrociare gli spallacci o lasciarli paralleli) e sulla schiena.

La cintura ventrale è morbida e sagomata, chiusa con un sistema a 3 punti per maggior sicurezza.

Vestibilità dai 4 ai 20 kg - utilizzo fino ai 2 anni di età circa.

Seduta regolabile con un sistema a velcro. Altezza pannello regolabile con un sistema ad asole.

Prodotto in Polonia con tessuto di fascia rigida (grammatura 240 gr/m2).

I marsupi ergonomici Little Frog rispondono agli standard EN13209-2: 2015, CEN/TR 16512:2015, ASTM F-2236-16a.


Little Frog Ergonomic Carrier – Sandy Ammolite 2

For babies from 4 (9 lbs) to 20 kg (45 lbs), aged to 24 months old.

Colors: colors of the rainbow (weft: white); hip belt in red-purple

Fabric: Weave – broken twill weave, 240 gsm

Made in Poland

Little Frog carrier is dedicated for parents who would like to carry their baby from beginning in healthy and safe position. There is nothing better than closeness.

Going for walk, for shopping or doing daily work at home – will become much easier. In Little Frog carrier – you can wear your baby from 4 kg (9lbs) to 20 kg (lbs) in position belly-to-belly (also with straps crossed), and on your back (when baby is over 4 months).

This carrier will grow with your baby because you can extend panel in width and height and make it fit to your baby's size.

This is Soft Structured Carrier – so your baby's spine has full support and keep natural position and knees are placed above the bottom, in the so-called position “M”

Little Frog Carriers are complaint with Standards:

- EN13209-2: 2015

- CEN/TR 16512:2015

- ASTM F-2236-16a

- CPSIA (for US only)